I had the pleasure of taking Reiki lessons with Jenny (Levels 2 and 3). She is a great teacher–conscientious, knowledgeable, adaptable to your needs and clearly in her element while teaching. I highly recommend classes with Jenny.

Ellen Morais

“I found my Reiki session with Jenny to well worth my time. Not only was it very relaxing, but I found Jenny to be very intuitive on where my problems areas were in my body/chakras, and also helped me connect it to what was going on with my life. It was very therapeutic and gave me a new perspective.” —-Trista Escobar, Seekonk, MA

“For me experiencing Reiki with Jenny has brought a newfound level of awareness, understanding and balance in my life. I never knew the power of energy associated with the chakras. Being attuned transformed my life for the better and permanently. I am still in awe by the experience. To be completely supported, accepted without judgment and treated with kindness during the attunement was extremely important to me. Reiki has removed the blockage of stagnant energy in which created a space for newness, forgiveness and curiosity of what’s to come. I’m excited about life and the wonder of this process.”
–Holly Hutchinson Danca, Pawtucket, RI

My first experience receiving a Reiki hands on healing treatment was an eye opener for me.
In the month of March 2012 I received my first full body Reiki session and was amazed at the benefits in just one hour. Jenny worked on many areas of my body that were ailing me. I have to be completely honest, I really did not believe this was going to make a bit of difference however, I thought I would give it a try. To my surprise I felt like a weight had been lifted off my knees, hips and slightly from my right shoulder. My hips and knees were energized almost immediately and really have not been bothering me. I really was skeptical but the hands on treatment worked. I look forward to my next session with Jenny. I was brought into a state of relaxation that was amazing.
Thank you Jenny!

–Dottie M.T. Joyal, W. Warwick, RI


“For anyone who doesn’t know, getting a massage with Jenny is so much more than relaxing. Her knowledge of anatomy mixed with her intuitive touch creates a full mind, body and soul HEALING EXPERIENCE! She is just amazing.”

– Janet B., Attleboro, MA


“Thank you an amazing massage! Not only was it relaxing but also healing and energizing. I have never had a massage that integrated healing on such physical and spiritual levels. Looking forward to next time!”

-Wendi O., Uxbridge, MA


“I felt really relaxed after the treatment. Looking forward to going back and making this a regular part of my routine in taking care of myself. It is something I need to feel less stressed and calm.”

-Colleen N., Uxbridge, MA