Links to Colleagues’ Pages

Here is a listing of some of my esteemed colleagues. They all do fine work within their chosen discipline and I respect their work very much.

Ritual/Ceremony Design



Copy Writing/Editing/Internet Marketing/Social Media Strategies

Therapeutic Massage

Salon Services

  • Hair stylist, Keratin treatments & Facial Waxing: Amanda Ferguson, West Warwick, Phone: 808-4740



  • Creatigo, Debbee Radcliff (also an INDIGO adult & child specialist), Providence,
  • Ed Douzanis, Massachusetts, Phone: (774) 766-7427
  • Fireseed, Katherine Rossi,
  • The Light of Being, Brandon Burns, Cranston, Phone: (817) 542-4993
  • Maureen Lapre (also an Herbalist), Lincoln,



Graphic Design


Heart Math & Brain Gym

Colon Hydrotherapy

Organic Skin Care

Awesomely yummy vegan soft serve ice cream!

Personal Fitness Training

Life Coaching

Healing Through Dance & Song

Sound Healing

Essential Oil Sales

Non-Toxic Product Sales

Dietitian/Nutritionist Services

Energy Psychology

  • Linda Boutilier, LICSW, (Trauma Specialist), (401) 944-3725

Wholesale Crystals and Healing Stones

Rolfing/Structural Integration


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